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Making a Page in Adobe Spark

Lesson 6 from: Adobe Spark: Create Engaging Social Media Posts In a Snap

Khara Plicanic

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Lesson Info

6. Making a Page in Adobe Spark

Lesson Info

Making a Page in Adobe Spark

Let's create our actual page now where we will teach people how to make great cocktails, how to make the perfect cocktail. So from here within our video we can just click to go back to our project board. So we can see here that this is our video, here's everything. You see how quickly they add up. We've done a lot already. Now we're gonna make a page. So again we'll come up here and click the new, to make a new thing. Again, if you wanna do like an already perfect branded page you can come over and click Manage brand and then scroll down for a page kind of, these are all graphical, so we'd have to look for that or we can just come up here and see what else people have made. So when we scroll through these, again, when we hover over them it tells us what format it is. So right here this Photo Journal is a Web Page, so that's a nice place to start. So I'll just click to select that. Okay, so here's what we're looking at and there's not a lot going on right now. So where we're gonna start...

is by adding a title, so I'm gonna click to put my cursor in there and we'll just type what we've called it. How to Make the Perfect Cocktail. And down here we can add a subtitle, like Make Your Next Party Awesome, Extra Awesome. Or you can write some better copy than that, but we're gonna go with that. And now let's click to add a photo here. And we're gonna Find free photos. And here we'll type cocktail again. Sometimes it's nearly instantaneous and other times it's not in such a rush. See if I can, you can also click down here to try and filter a little bit. That might help it be a little faster. Hm, okay, maybe we'll come back to that header image. Let's see, if we scroll down a little bit this is where we can start adding different types of content. So we've seen like adding text and photos and things, so what I wanted to show you, because I think it's the most visually spectacular is this thing that they call a glideshow. So we're gonna make this whole post in a glideshow, which is, it's very shnazzy, so it goes well with Party Panache. So I'm gonna click glideshow and we need to add a few background photos. So we will come over here and click Find free photos and here we see, now that was fast, look at that. And it even remembered cocktail. That was fast. So we have, I don't know, I'll pick like five just so we don't have to repeat. So I'm just clicking and it's automatically adding them like in succession. These are pretty. I think you'll be surprised how this works out. Now I don't remember. If you are like me and you already forgot what you've clicked on you can scroll through and check. And maybe this. Okay, so I think, I think that should be good. Now we'll hit Save after that all renders through. Okay, so what is happening? Well, we'll come back and put the header up here in a minute, but as we scroll through here look at this glidy, animated, I mean, that is sexy. Look at that. So we're gonna put the step by steps of making a cocktail in here. And for your convenience, of course, I have provided you with a text file, so we can just copy and paste this, so we're not manually typing all of this stuff. So I'm gonna just highlight this and copy it and then I'll bounce back to Spark and I'll click here and choose text. And I'll type Step 1: Choose Your Alcohol, forget what I said there. And what's cool is when I click now, look at this. Just like you would be used to seeing when you are building web stuff, we have some styling applied here. So I'm gonna make this an H1, so a high level header. And then I'll come down here and make another text block and then I'm gonna paste in all of this stuff. So here is our, let's say, yeah, Choose Your Alcohol. Okay, and we'll click out of there. This is why it's so nice to be able to cut and paste. Step 2: Choose. Okay. Step 3: Get Fruity. All right, and Step 4. Get Your Party On. Perfect. Okay, there we go. So when we scroll to the bottom then we can add other elements. So it would be nice to add a button, so at the bottom, oh, we'll add the button after the video, sorry. At the bottom of all of this remember that video that we made that we wanna be able to show, so people will be like, oh yeah, I'll learn how to make a cocktail and oh, what's this video? Maybe I should check out Party Panache. So before we add this video we need to go get the link. So if I click to add the video you'll notice it's asking for a link and you can link from YouTube, Vimeo, or, of course, Spark Video. So we'll hit Cancel for right now and we're gonna go back out of our page, so it's gonna be saved here. Let's go back to our video, we need to grab that URL. So we'll load up our video and then up here we can hit Share and we wanna publish it, so we'll hit Create link, so it's gonna publish that and generate a link, so we can embed it or just point people to it. Oh there, the canvas is never blank, it's full of opportunity. See that? Thanks, Adobe Spark. There we are. Okay, so I'll copy, I'll click to copy this Shareable Link. Of course, you can publish it all these other different ways too, but in our example we're gonna take that link and post it in our page. So I've got that copied. Now we'll back out of there and go back to our page. How to Make the Perfect Cocktail, we'll click to edit it. It's coming. All right, scroll down to the bottom here and we'll click to add the video, paste in the link, hit Save, and there it is. Of course, we can also add a button. It'd be nice to have people be able to click to go right to the website. So we'll say Let's Party and we want that link to go to or whatever and we want that centered and then we'll hit Save. So that's right there. So let's preview this. Duh na, duh na. So here is our, I mean look how, woo, Choose Your Spirit. And the images are gliding and our text is gliding and I didn't have to choose a font or anything, it just does it. We literally just copied and pasted. And there is our video with our link. So that is pretty cool. So then to tie this all together and connect those social post images that we made with the video with this page then we just need to share our page that we just created. So then we would click Share and Publish and share the link. So pick our category, Business, or I guess Education, Lifestyle probably would be the best if we're talking about making cocktails. And then we can go ahead and hit Create link. And then this link is the link that we would connect with our Instagram post, our Pinterest post, this is where it would link to. So we would copy that and then, then we go back and look at our Downloads. And here is the various different post sizes that we made, so then we would wanna go put this on Facebook Ad or whatever and then we have that link copied to our pasteboard, so that this would be the image and when people click on it they go to the page. So we'd upload each of those in their various places and then we can go get coffee, 'cause we just made a whole campaign. So what questions do people have? Let's see, all right. Super, I love how easy this all is. It's so fantastic. It really is. Monta May ask, can a footer be added to a webpage that matches a company's website? Yeah, so we can turn on and off under Project settings, you can turn on or off the header and footer. And I think when we preview it that's when we see that stuff. Yeah. So I mean, this is what it's, that's what the footer is, but yeah, so it's hosted on their stuff, so you're not able to totally customize it, but it is automatically being generated. Cool, so thank you for clarifying that for them, 'cause another question from Juan was, so can you also save pages to upload to your own domains? Or is it just on Adobe? Yeah, you're just sharing it and you can print it, which is interesting. I guess that's not yet, they don't have that set up, I'm in Safari, so that, the print option works with Google Chrome, but Publish and share link, these are your options. Any final words for everybody? Oh, I just think, I think this is so fun. I think there's a time and a place for different tools and I love Photoshop as much as the next person, of course, but some things are just easier done with Spark. So you don't always have to bring out big old Photoshop. And certainly, especially when we talk about social media and all the different formats it's so nice to just click and now it's for Facebook, click, now it's for Twitter, like that's amazing. So some pretty cool technology and I can't wait to see what cool things you make with it.

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