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Make a Video in Adobe Spark

Lesson 5 from: Adobe Spark: Create Engaging Social Media Posts In a Snap

Khara Plicanic

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Lesson Info

5. Make a Video in Adobe Spark

Lesson Info

Make a Video in Adobe Spark

We have made our promotional image in all those different sizes. So the next thing we're gonna do is create our video. So we'll go back to our home base here. So you can click the little icon again in the top left or you can click projects to get back to your projects. Maybe we should rename this here for perfect cocktail. So next we're gonna create a video. So we'll just click, we can start from the brand again or just to show you how easy it is to brandify anything, we'll just click here and we'll start. Basically I'm just looking through here for anything that's in a video format so a slideshow, they have a teaser video, this one is square so if we want it to be square we can start here but we can also reformat a video between square or landscape mode. So let's just go up here to the slideshow and we'll just click to start with a slideshow. And they do a good job about prompting you 'cause I feel like unless you're a really experienced video creator, you might be like okay how do I ...

start this? What do I do? So they prompt you with all these things like every great story starts somewhere so tell us about your idea. So this is gonna be like, it's called, we'll just call it let's party 'cause the idea for this video is to make just sort of a little who we are promo teaser for the gals at Party Panache. So we'll just say let's party and then they have these different templates that you can kind of start with and the templates just help, they're not so much like video templates, they're more like storyboard templates so they sort of help you break down what you're trying to communicate in a video and then effectively spread that across multiple slides or frames of your video. So we'll just go with this promote an idea because we're promoting the idea of party planning. So now it's gonna render and generate and work some magic and like I said, these are the really fun messages. It's very motivational, very upbeat, lots of fun. Okay so here is the workspace that we're gonna start with and we'll just start with this full screen option so I'm gonna click full screen and I'm just gonna add type so I'm gonna start by clicking this plus right here to add some content. And I'll choose text. And we'll just say hi there. That'll get some attention. We can style this type but I'm gonna leave it pretty simple and maybe I want to change the duration from 2 to 3 seconds and that's it, we created our first slide. If we want, this is a little brand stamp that they put in all your videos if you are working within a brand. If you like it, great, if you don't want to see it there, you can click on it and then choose to turn it off. So I'm gonna turn it off. You can add a different logo if you want but I'm just gonna keep it clean. So we'll start with just a little friendly hi there and then we click here. Now you'll notice it's asking you, it's giving you these questions and prompts. So this slide is called problem and it's saying what problem does the audience have, what is your audience struggling with? So they do a really good job of leading you through a good storyboard for your video. It's not gonna apply to this particular one that we're making so I'm gonna ignore it but if you don't know what you wanna make and you don't have a good starting point, it can be a lifesaver. So I'm just gonna click to close that and we're gonna add a photo here so I'm gonna click and choose photo. Again, you can use free photos or because we have this fictitious company that has fictitious founders, I have photos for us to use. So the first one we're gonna use is this Adobe stock image. And if I need to adjust it, I can just click, click the image and then click this little pencil icon and that allows me to grab it, we want to see her face obviously so we'll position it so we can see her face and then I can just click away to commit that change. And now let's add some text on top of this. So we'll click and this time we'll choose text and she says, "I'm Vanessa." I'll click away to set the type and once it's set, I can click and grab it. So we'll just move it down there, we'll change the duration to 3 seconds and that's it for that slide. So we'll do another one here, just repeat this process. Upload a photo. This time we'll choose this red image, also from adobe stock. If I want to adjust the image at all, I click the little pencil icon. That allows me to drag it or I can scale it a little bit. That looks good. Again, we'll add some type. This is Jen. Once I click to submit the type, I can move it around and you'll notice again, like with the posts, it kind of snaps into position which just makes life really easy. So again, we'll change that duration to 3%. If we wanted to, we could click right here and you can actually voice over your slides like right here and right now. So I'm not gonna do that in this class but you just tap this and it starts recording and you just have at it. Again, if you're like wait, what was the story suggestion here? If you click this, this tells you where you are in your storyboard. So if you need some help with that, that's what that's for. Okay let's move to this one. Our last one here we're gonna change the layout. So we'll come over here, instead of this full screen that we've been doing, I'm gonna choose split screen. And we're gonna add some text on this side. This is Erica, oh and this is Erica. And we'll put Erica's picture over here. So we'll click, add photo, select Erica and all these files are included in your course downloads. All right. Oops, where did you go, Erica? There you are. There she is. Okay. Again, 3 seconds. And this slide, let's just stick with full screen and we'll just put some text. And... Party Panache. We bring your parties to life. Okay. Good, we'll make that 3 seconds too. And then over here, let's add an icon, this is kind of fun. So let's say we want, we're trying to inspire people to contact us so let's click the icon and then check this out, over here, I'm just gonna type contact and hit enter and it's gonna search for icons relating to contact. Which if you've created this kind of stuff, you know what a help that is because at home, before Spark existed, you'd be like oh let me go find some artwork I can use for contact. Oh maybe we'll come back to that. It doesn't want to search right now. But you have access to all kinds of different icons and things that you could put here. So let's change this to be our outro screen. So if I want to delete a slide I can click this little icon here and choose delete, yes, delete the slide. There's a credit page that they design for you which is really cool if you, in this case, we have not used free photos but if we use Unsplash images, it keeps track of all the designers and people who made them and it would say right here who gets credit for this piece. So you can include that or we can choose to hide credits. Then it makes this outro video for us. So, or outro slide. I'm gonna click and say join the party at All right. This is kind of a fun little promo piece. So it's only got six slides. Let's make sure we have, we'll make this be 3 seconds also. And then I want to show you the music option. So over here, we have where we can control our layout, we can control the theme which is just kind of the overall look of our video. So these ones here are light, medium or dark branded themes so I tend to gravitate towards light things so we'll just stick with that but they have all these different ones too and you can click any number of these and it will just keep all of your stuff but re-render it with a different style applied. So that's very nice. And again, this is great. If you don't have a Creative Cloud subscription, you can still have all these nice designed themes. You can resize between widescreen or square or in this case, I just, I'm gonna leave it widescreen but I want to add some music. You can upload you own music, of course, I hope you pay attention to copyright and licensing concerns. Or you can use music that they already have and I think this one whistle away is really fun. So if we want to hear a sample, I don't know if we'll hear that in the studio but you can click on that. I'm gonna click to select it. And now we've applied music to this. So let's preview this thing. I don't know if, I don't know how the sound will work in the studio but we'll come down here. If you click this preview, it just plays that slide. So what we want to do is go back to the beginning and we'll click this. And I don't think we'll hear the output in here I guess but you'll notice it's animating our text and our imagery very subtly. It's not like someone went wild with iMovie or something. It's very tasteful and it applies our music and the whole thing weighs in at just under 20 seconds. So it's really great to have a short video. We know people don't want long things necessarily for our social media campaigns. So we're gonna keep that short and then we can just hit download and it's gonna prepare it and actually, then we'll download the mp4 format. So we'll just let that happen and again, those are all the fun, cute messages that Adobe provides for your entertainment. They're really fun. Okay and that was, boom, there it went. Okay so that's the video. So in our grand scheme thing of things, again, we created those posts, remember this is all for this cocktail, how to make the perfect cocktail post. So we created the imagery that will be the social post to promote the little tutorial. Now we've created this video and next, we're gonna create the actual page that tells people how to make the perfect cocktail.

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