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How to Curve Type Around a Badge Using Adobe Illustrator CC

Lesson 15 from: Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals

Daniel Walter Scott

How to Curve Type Around a Badge Using Adobe Illustrator CC

Lesson 15 from: Adobe Illustrator Fundamentals

Daniel Walter Scott

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15. How to Curve Type Around a Badge Using Adobe Illustrator CC


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Lesson Info

How to Curve Type Around a Badge Using Adobe Illustrator CC

Hey there in this tutorial, we are going to make ticks follow a path like this curvy one here will also do a badge where we do the text on the top and the bottom. Let's get into it now using adobe illustrator. Alright, so what we'll do is we'll work on the side here instead of on the page, will work in what's called the paste area or the paste board. This area here is just a good place to work and do your design and then move it into the page when you're ready. Okay, so to get started, we're going to use the pencil tool. Now your tool might be set to the shape of tools. So click and hold hold, hold down the shaper tool until you get the pencil tool. Also note that I've double click the pencil tool and cranked up the smoothing to full blast. Why? Because it just makes my lines look nicer to have a fill of none. Okay, and I'm going to have a stroke of black and I'm just going to click hold and drag and you'll notice that because I've got the smoothing up, it looks quite nice. Alright. I'...

m gonna grab the type tool and to do type on a path. All you need to do is with the type tool hover above the line, you can see the kind of icon changes for the cursor. Okay. And just click wherever you want the text to start. Okay. And you go through and puts in some Lauren ipsum some placeholder text. Now the one thing you might happen to you is it's kind of remember the last font that I've used and the color and the size if you use a really large font. Okay You might not see anything that might just be like way too big so you might have to go through and just kind of lower your font size over here to make it more usable. I'm going to go back to say 14. The other thing is that my, the last time I used the type tool I was using center, so yours is probably going to be left alone so it might be down this end, so let's type in some let's type in. You are awesome, Three exclamation marks. Okay so I'm going to select all the text, I'm going to pick a fill color and um some of the adjustments you might want to do our with the black arrow. Okay, grab the black arrow. This type line here, there is our there's kind of like three red lines, 123. There's also these white boxes, ignore the white boxes, they do weird stuff where they start linking text boxes. Okay, it's not what we want in this case black arrow, click off in the background and click back on it and these red little sticks are quite useful so this is the beginning. Okay if I click and drag it now you're avoiding the white square, you're looking for that cursor it's like a flat black line with an arrow poking out of it if I click it, you can start changing the start position. Okay, same with the end in this case it doesn't really matter because I don't have enough time to get to the end. And this guy here is the center and this center option is a lot more important when you are centering the paragraph. Okay, it means you can drag it left and right, okay, as long as there's room at the ends here to move along. Cool. So those are some of the adjustments that you might make and one of the things I want to do is actually I want to undo. Actually I'm going to copy this undo until I get back to have my black line because what you'll notice is and there's no line there anymore with the black line that I drew. Okay, so say you want to use that as part of your design case, I'm undoing way back here. Okay, I'm gonna paste this so I've got both versions. So you might want to copy and paste that before you start adjusting the type. Now, I'm going to kind of add it so it looks like it's kind of flowing along that type. I might make the font a lot bigger. I'm going to extend that out. How good is this going to look? I probably, I'm just gonna add more text. Actually. You are awesome because you are you lovely then? I couldn't think of anything. Um I might need a little bit more space so I have to make my font size tiny bit smaller. There we go. Cool. So what I wanna do is I want to get this line um I want to make this stroke white kind of like a Dodgers kind of look that squishy thing underneath. I've made my type quite thin, I've made it white, I'm using my width tool, come here with a tool like this one here, Okay and I'm just going to click and drag maybe that bit come on with till there we go, I slide you along here, we've used it with two in a previous tutorial, that's the kind of thing I'm trying to do here. Alright terrible. And next thing we're going to do though is an icon like this where we're doing type on a path. It's kind of similar. Were pretty similar. Okay, so we're going to build rebuild that. Okay, and afterwards I'm going to rebuild this because I don't like it. But anyway, so the way this works is actually this has to be two. I'm going to in group it. This actually has to be two separate circles, you can't actually draw on the top and then like had a return and draw on the bottom there actually just two circles that we line up on the top of each other to make it look like kind of one unit, so that's the first trick. So let's start with the lips. So you might need to hold down the rectangle tool to get the ellipse tool, I'm gonna hold the shift key while I'm dragging it out to get a perfect circle. It doesn't matter what stroke it has or what line it has, okay or fill it has because when we click it with the tool like the one down here it's all going to disappear. So what we'll do is actually will copy and paste it so we've got two of them to use. Okay and this one here we're gonna grab the type tool now this type tool can't be used the same sort of way. Okay maybe we could go on the edge, you have to actually use the official type on a path tool. So hold down the type tool, grab the type on a path tool and let's click once in the middle and it kind of does kind of does what we want to do. There's a kind of reverse. Okay so if I type in now prevention of and okay it's depending on this, you might have to select the center line, it's kind of on the bottom or what you can do to get started is I'm undoing just start at the bottom. It's up to you. So if I click down the bottom here it kind of does a little bit more what I want, pre then of that's what I want. Okay you can move it around with the black arrow, we looked at it with this line down the bottom here, remember the center point? Okay, that's this red line here. I can decide to stick it down the bottom. It's a little bit fiddly. You can see it kind of jumps around a little bit. Okay. But um you can drag it around depending on how you want it. The other thing you can do is you can see, I can drag it up and below. Okay. It means that it goes on the other side of the text box. Okay. It's real fiddly. Don't worry. I'll show you a more manual way of doing this in a second, but I want mine to be there. That's perfect. I'm going to use a font. I'm gonna use that League One that I had before. Not in script. All classes, League Gothic. I'm gonna lose weight. Cool. And let's have a look at doing the bottom part. Okay, so actually instead of using this, I'm just going to copy and paste this one copy and paste. And this one's going to say cruelty to designers. And so what we want to do is with it selected with the black arrow. There's an option in here under type. There's one called type on a path and there's this one called type on a path options, click on him. Okay, and turn preview on because you want to see what you're doing flip Is one of them. Okay, So it's gonna go down to the bottom and that's basically what we want. Okay, so we're gonna click Ok and we're gonna rotate it around. We could grab the centerpoint, rotate it around or you could just rotate it normally up to you. One of the things we might need to change though, is that this guy here kind of sits on the baseline? Okay. That would be considered the baseline wherever the letters sit. Okay. This one here though is on the inside. Okay, Whereas this is on the outside, so they're gonna look slightly different. So what we'll do is we'll line them up. Okay? And let's kind of adjust both of them actually. So I've got this bottom one selected and let's go to type open a path, top of the path options and preview on. And what you can look for is where aligns to the path. Baseline is yeah where it sits. Okay. We're going to go center. If we do center for both of them, it's gonna run straight through the line. Same with this one here to open a path. The path options and we'll do center for you as well. Alright, your baseline center. Cool. These other ones, baseline is the default a center and the center is just when we've got say a type here and we've got this okay, when they refer to a center and descend er the a sender is everything that appears above, See this thing here. This is, this is called the X height just so you know, Okay, where the all the lower case letters line up along the top here. Okay. Anything above that is called the center. So that is an a. Sender. This little dot is an a. Sender dissenters as things that appeared below the baseline, they descend. Alright, so that is basic typography and basically you didn't want to know that right? I just wanted to know how to make this. So we've basically made it. So you're lining center, you're learning center. If yours aren't snapping, they should just snap easily if they're not gonna view and just make sure smart guys has got this little tick on if it doesn't click on it and now we're going to build the center part. Actually, let's look at one last little thing, I'm going to click both of them. Okay, I'm going to go to type. Can you do both at the same time? You can so type in a path options, make sure previews on. Now, effect there's kind of two. You probably use rainbow or skew and basically skew Well, kind of, I don't know, it depends what you're trying to do. I feel like this is like a football american football. I don't know cup launch thing. Okay, I don't really like it for what we're doing. You might love it. Okay, so there's that one Rainbow skew, gravity might be one you use gravity is a little bit different. It means that it's going to tighten up the font so it's going to be skinnier at the bottom than at the top. Okay. Whereas rainbow, they're going to be the same size either side. Okay. The top of the bottom and it's just going to kind of, they're going to get closer down the bottom, it's up to you what you want to do. You might not see very much difference, don't worry about it. Um These other ones, rainbow skew I'm yet to use. Okay, you might like it rainbow ribbon or stair step kind of. I'm here to use those ones either. So I'm gonna go back to rainbow and just play around with my spacing. I'm going to go up a little bit. Whoa, not that high. I don't know how it got that. I let's go to zero. It's pretty cool though. I have no idea how that did that, but you can see if I crank it up. It kind of makes, you know, expands the spacing. You might have to do these separately because it's kind of affecting both of these differently. Cool. So you, Let's say I want a 10 point for this bottom one, that's what I'm looking at. And this top one here needs something different type type on a path and this one looks like it needs to improve. You want, Yeah, that tightens it up so what we want to do is minus 10, Awesome. Alright, so we've got both of these guys, let's line them up, centers, centers there and I'm just gonna draw this bit in the center now so now you can probably move on to the next tutorial because I'm just going to draw. Actually, first of all I'll type certified. I'm going to use the tracking Okay to open it up a little bit. Might pick a different font for this font size. Sorry, there you go. Certified fill color white lying around the outside. I'm just gonna use the rectangle tool. It's going to have no Phil and it's going to have a stroke. One thing we haven't done yet is so I'm going to have nothing selected rectangle tool is that I've gotta fill and a stroke they're in the wrong position. Right? You can use this little double error here to say I want the white to be in the stroke and I want that, you know, no Phil to be in the Phil. Does that make sense? Watch this just kind of switch them around now. That should work. Cool. I'm gonna grab them all and center them. Okay, so I use my black arrow some of them all and at this point needs to come up a little bit and I'm happy enough with it. I'm not okay, I'll hunt, there needs to be more spacing in this top part. But anyway, we get the feel for this thing now. Okay, so what I'd like you to do is to practice okay. You might have practiced with this one and followed along but I would like you to go through. I've given you some text to create your own kind of like icon certification stamp type thing. Okay. And it's in your exercise files is one called type on the path exercise. It's you think it was a mock association but there is an association of basically prevention. Okay. If you are part of this organization, I'm not mocking. It just seems like a fun thing to do if you're interested in it and there's the website but I basically just want you to use that turn it into a round or kind of lock up like this using type on the path. You can do whatever you like. Just like to see it. Okay, so as a project, I'd like you to do it and then Yeah. Post project in the comments or in the project section. I'd love to see what you come up with. Alright, so that's us for type on the path. We are going to move on to the next video. Alright. See you over there

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