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Lesson 10 from: 7 Abstract Art Painting Techniques

Amy Wynne

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10. Outro

Review the 7 best secrets to abstract art and the techniques proven to give you artistic success and freedom moving forward.

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in this abstract painting class, we've explored a lot of different avenues that might give you strategies to find your relationship to abstract painting. Everybody's relationship is going to be different. I shared with you my experience being trained very academically and then over the years loosening up and finding new ways to express myself. And I think the key thing in trying things like expanding your color palette, simplifying images, playing with scale change, playing with spilling and spraying and just really letting go of any control in some cases of an outcome is an incredible way to build the bravery to continue to experiment and to notice what these effects are to notice where you might even do something accidental and say, wow, I didn't mean to do that, but I really love the effect. Well, that's now in your tool belt for abstraction. So what I really wanted to do is give you some options. Give you some choices, encourage you also to look at abstract art to look at artists a...

nd see how they have evolved perhaps from realism to abstraction. Or just notice the ones that you really feel an affinity for and keep a file of those images and look at them often as a way to inspire you to keep up your practice with abstract painting.

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Loved the class! I loved seeing all the different techniques!

Jill McLean

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