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Film Week: A Return to Analog

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photo & video Fundamentals Lighting

CreativeLive makes inspiring creative classes accessible to everyone.

How do you best improve your photography? By slowing down, focusing on what you have in camera and taking the best picture possible...and to achieve this...focus on photography’s roots...Film.

CreativeLive is excited to bring you four brand new, exclusive classes to help you conquer your fears about shooting with film. Throughout the span of these courses we will give you the information needed for you to capture the look and feel you’re trying to achieve with presets and filters.

We’ll go in-depth into getting started with film, which film works for you, how to meter light, and how to work with a lab when processing your images. You’ll also learn just how forgiving film can be when it comes to exposure.

Once you’re feeling confident with your film camera, we’ll show you how to create beautiful portraits with lighting and strobes. We’ll also challenge your creativity by encouraging you to explore other film formats like cyanotypes and large format cameras.

Introduction to Film Photography

Join film enthusiast and studio owner Sandra Coan as she introduces you to the basics of film photography. From the technical to the workflow, this course will have you jumping at the chance to grab a camera.

Introduction to Black & White Film Photography

Educator and artist Daniel Gregory breaks down the essentials of B&W film photography demystifying how to create stunning images. He’ll cover the zone system, lighting, film choices and even how to get started processing your own images.

Film Photography with Strobe Lighting

Sandra Coan joins us again to explain the ease of syncing your film camera with your lighting gear for ultimate control over how your image looks straight out of camera. You’ll spend less time in post production once you know just how to get the tones, lighting, and feel you want.

Introduction to Large Format Photography

Daniel Gregory will lead the way in getting you to explore and create using various film formats. With in field demonstrations, he will cover how movement and shifts can help you achieve incredible imagery resembling iconic legendary photographers who used 8x10’s and other larger format cameras.

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